Public relations

PR is about reputation - the result of what you do, what you say and what others say about you. PR is about making sure that what you want to say is what your audience hears and understands. It is also about protecting your brand as well as promoting it. As a specialist financial services consultancy, we have considerable experience in building brands and managing reputations of high profile companies across a range of sectors including protection, pensions, annuities, mortgages, general insurance, savings and investments.

Reputation management

Reputation management is about understanding how and why your organisation is seen in a certain way and understanding how to both build and improve a company or individual's reputation.


With extensive event management experience we manage both small and large events including hosting, tailored events, award ceremonies, conferences, round tables and parties.

Social media

Social media should form a core part of a company’s communications activity, to directly engage and build awareness among your target audience. With extensive experience in running effective social media programmes, we can review and advise your business on its current social media activity, devise a social media strategy to complement public relations or marketing activity, run standalone social media campaigns, and advise on how to measure its impact.

Award entries

We have written, reviewed and judged thousands of award entries from insurers, advisers, journalists, advertisers, PR firms and more. We can provide feedback on award entries (before & after) as well as writing them from scratch. We have also produced an expert guide to writing award entries.

Investments & pensions

We are experts in the investment sector and have significant communications experience including writing several regular, independent trade press columns.

ISAs, Bonds, CTFs

We are experts in the investment sector and have significant communications experience including writing several regular, independent trade press columns.

Blockchain & cryptocurrency

We are experts in blockchain and cryptocurrency and have managed strategic communication plans and delivered expert training sessions to financial advisers.

Employee benefits, Well-being & Workplace comms

We have vast experience in the area of employee benefits, well-being and workplace communications across a range of different companies.

Digital event management

We have project managed all aspects of a range of online events including production, home recording, design, promotion, research and report design.

Internal communications

We are specialists in internal communications, especially around health and well-being.

Strategic consultancy

We offer consultancy and advice based on significant director-level experience of both the manufacturing and distribution sides of the financial services industry. This includes audit, process, customer journey and strategic reviews. With substantial expertise in all aspects of the market, we can provide further consultancy on sales, advice, marketing, product development and training - giving you an in-depth strategic viewpoint many businesses have already found invaluable.


We work with a range of freelance journalists and copywriters and can often provide services at short notice.

Consumer research

We have extensive consumer research experience and can draft or review question sets accordingly.

Adviser research

We have extensive experience of carrying out adviser research and can often provide snapshot adviser research at short notice.

Adviser training

We can provide adviser training across a range of areas including tailored presentations for large or small audiences.

Media training

We can provide media training at all levels and to both small and large numbers. Media training can include managing media requests, interview techniques, broadcast practice and feedback.

Chairing & public speaking

We regularly speak at industry events and can provide panel or chair services.

Award judging

We regularly judge a range of industry awards for advisers, insurers, journalists and PR agencies.

Product development

We have extensive experience of working on a wide range of protection product development projects over the last twenty years, including a range of bespoke protection products. We have worked with insurers, reinsurers and major distributors to develop new ideas, review the product selection process, panel selection, and to design tailored products.

Content management

Bringing together your content to work effectively together.

Design & rebrands

We have been involved in many rebrand and design products and can provide feedback, creative ideas and design services as required.

Networking and Introductions

We are incredibly well connected with the financial services sector and can make introductions and set up meetings with a vast range of contacts.