Testimonials & Clients

Clive Mayne, Director & Founder CIExpert - June 2024

"We challenged our PR team to come up with something completely different; not only did they sow the seed of the idea for Critical Thinking, they also helped us through the onerous challenges of gaining the support needed to make it happen and shaping the way we took it to market. Without their guidance on what was involved and their knowledge of who could assist us, I really don’t think we would have embarked on the journey. Working together with them as a joint, collaborative team has resulted in what we view as an astoundingly successful outcome. Not only a PR delight but one that might provoke real industry change."

Johnny Timpson OBE, FRSA, Financial Inclusion Commissioner - Oct 2023

"I’ve worked with many PR practitioners and agencies in my insurance, investment and banking career and view Kevin as an outstanding practitioner, strategic visionary, networker, communicator and inclusive leader in this field. Kevin is very knowledgeable with a strong financial services technical skill set combined with incisive market, regulatory, policy and consumer awareness. This together with Kevin’s integrity and passion to improve understanding, value, service, support, and outcomes enables him to lead and deliver transformational change and additionally, inspire and motivate both those around him."

Andy Peters, Cirencester - March 2023

""I had waited years to get the opportunity to work Kevin and team as PR partners. And have been totally blown away by their expertise and insights. Really supported our strategic ambitions and gave us the pathway to creating an industry voice for our Society and our people. Thanks guys.""

Alain Desmier, Managing Director, Contact State - January 2023

"Kevin, Matthew and Rachel are a constant source of strategic advice to our business. We run an extremely lean operation and we use the team at Carr to tell us what we need to know, guide our long-term PR strategy and create interesting and relevant media relations work. More than anything, I value the practical, hands on experience that the Carr operation provides Contact State."

Samantha Cross, Relationship and Marketing Manager, Assured Futures - Januray 2023

"Working with the team at Carr Consulting & Communications is a pleasure. They bring a wealth of knowledge to all conversations and ideas and always provide honest feedback. Energy for all topics remains high and it’s helped by the fact they are all thoroughly nice people!"

Nick Jones, Director, Marketing, iPipeline - January 2023

"Kevin and the team at CCC are quite simply experts within their field. Knowledgeable, connected, creative - they consistently craft and place comms that deliver impactful messages. CCC are our trusted partner for PR and beyond, into events curation & management, highly recommended."

James O'Hara, Commercial Director, CETA Insurance Ltd - February 2022

"Since we began working with Carr Consulting and Communications back in early 2021, they have provided a seamless extension to the in-house team. They have brought knowledge and creative input that we would otherwise be without, delivering nothing other than high quality and engaging work."

Steve Andrews, Head of Managed Service, Focus Solutions - December 2020

"Matt and the team at Carr Consulting have supported Focus Solutions PR and marketing activities over the past couple of years. Their industry insight and media expertise have been essential in building up the company profile as it has evolved its proposition in a rapidly evolving industry."

Stacy Reeve, Senior Policy Adviser, AMI - December 2020

"We worked with CCC to carry out extensive market research into consumer and adviser views on mortgages & protection. The findings were presented in a report launched during a live event, which was all handled with ease by Kevin and the team. It was a great success and our report has continued to generate a lot of debate and engagement, which has surpassed all our expectations."

Sarah Whybrow, Communications Director, Legal & General - October 2020

"Kevin and the team are a shining example of a best in class consultancy. Experts in their field, agile in their thinking and unsurpassed in their media contacts - it’s an impressive trifecta and one that leads to excellent counsel and media activity that truly supports the commercial imperative of the business."

Cover Excellence Awards Judges - October 2019

"This protection champion has taken PR to a new level in our market and through his work with the Income Protection Task Force has been crucial in raising the profile of income protection. A passionate industry spokesperson as CEO of Protection Review."

Esther Shaw, Freelance Journalist - March 2019

"Carr Consulting are quick, reliable and easy to work with. They have some of the most knowledgeable people in financial services and put simply they just get it."

Harvey Jones: Personal Finance Editor, Daily & Sunday Express - Jan 2019

"The industry is blessed to have Kevin and his team. I don't know another communications specialist like him in the personal finance sector. This isn't just a job for Kevin, it's a vocation. Personable, knowledgeable and above all, enthusiastic. That's not just a rare combination, it's almost unknown. Great taste in music, too."

Emma Walker, Chief Marketing Officer, LifeSearch - Jan 2019

"Kevin and the team take real personal responsibility for protecting and promoting our reputation. They have unparalleled connections and respect amongst the personal finance and trade press and their creativity and influence ensures both high volume and high-quality media coverage."

Dan McMillan, ex-Vitality Head of PR - Dec 2018

"Their knowledge of the industry and range of contacts are second to none. Their advice is always honest, relevant and insightful and, importantly, they get great results."

John Joseph, John Joseph Financial Services - Dec 2017

"As I move towards retirement, I sit back and think how so few in our industry have had a profound effect on millions of clients, through thousands of financial advisers. Kevin was, and still is, one of those leading influencers and mouthpieces for the industry, constantly educating the newbies, and indeed the oldies too."

Paul Yates, Product Strategy Director, iPipeline - July 2017

"We have used larger agencies in the past, however, generally speaking, we get better value for money from Carr Consulting and significantly more press coverage"

Steve Casey, Marketing Director, Square Health - Mar 2017

"Since working with Matt and the team, we have been very impressed with the depth of knowledge and the range of contacts they have, which is helping us to develop and grow our business really well."

Philip Wood, Executive Director, Health Shield - Jan 2017

"Kevin and his team provide high level, pro-active and strategic marketing support services to Health Shield, bringing their wealth of market knowledge and industry expertise to the table across PR, marketing, distribution and product development. Always straight talking and willing to provide an opinion and insight in supporting his client base across the health and protection landscape."

Jeff Prestridge, Personal Finance Editor, Mail on Sunday - Dec 2015

"Seven Families has been the financial campaign of this year. On so many levels. And by many a country mile."

Tom Baigrie, Managing Director, LifeSearch - Nov 2014

"I may have worked for longer and more closely with Kevin than has anyone else. His intellect, energy and commitment to any issue he sees as ethical and important varies between impressive and awesome. He never fails to add value and has a take on almost any point that improves conventional thinking. If you can afford him then hire him."

Edward Mason, Mason Campbell - Nov 2014

"I worked with Matthew at Quilter during a period when the investment management firm was looking to raise its public profile. He has strong contacts and expertise in the media, as well as across financial services, and is focused on achieving business-oriented results."

Peter Carvill, Handelsblatt Global Edition - Nov 2014

"As a reporter specialising in financial journalism, I’ve always found Matt to be highly engaging, knowledgeable about his sector and able to give insightful answers to questions rather than the usual blandishments fired our way. Matt is always willing to lead and push the industry in the directions that it should be taking."

Brian Walters, Regency Health - June 2013

"When you work with Kevin it quickly becomes clear why he's held in such high regard throughout the industry. He's a sharp thinker with excellent judgement, he's also affable and highly efficient. Kevin's expertise in protection and public relations make him the obvious choice for financial services PR."

Peter Chadborn, Plan Money - June 2013

"Linda is one of those rare people in the financial services industry who has an extremely broad base of knowledge and experience, including manufacturing, distribution, PR and marketing. This means her insight is well-informed and accurate. As an IFA who works closely with the media, and PR departments of various companies, I have always found Linda’s influence to have a highly positive impact on the perception of the brand she is representing."

Mike Weedon, Life Cover for All - June 2012

"I attended the protection training course in Leeds and have to say it was well worth the day out of the office. The content was very well produced and delivered and the impartiality means that session was not product or provider bias. No matter what your knowledge of Protection is, I would highly recommend the session – great for inexperienced advisers and a really useful refresher for all those experienced advisers."

Nick Aumonier, MD, Clarity Financial Solutions - Nov 2011

"When we started Clarity Financial we knew we needed guidance from industry experts with a proven track record of product understanding and distribution. Our search started and ended with Kevin. He is been invaluable to us and a key factor in our continued development. I can’t imagine a scenario where a protection business wouldn’t benefit from Kevin’s involvement."

Mark Myers, ex-CEO, British Friendly - July 2011

"Kevin has made a real difference to our business. When we launched BFS protect the industry knowledge, insight and communications skills he brought to the table were invaluable and contributed greatly to our development. There is no messing around with Kevin, he calls it as he sees it, which is very refreshing."

Marcus Kiley, London & Country - Oct 2010

"The Income Protection training delivered by Kevin Carr and Stuart Johnson was the best protection training I’ve had in 10 years of being in the financial services industry."

50 most influential, Professional Adviser - Sept 2010

"No.43: Kevin Carr is committed to bringing to the fore the best of financial services from every aspect. In his 16 years in the industry he has reinvented himself from high-street mortgage adviser, to protection specialist at LifeSearch and head of protection strategy, to director of protection development at PruProtect. This year Carr launched his own consultancy firm, which provides public relations, marketing and training services to the protection and wider financial services industry. At the same time, in an example of his commitment to every angle of the industry, in January Carr took up the role of CEO of the Protection Review. Working with the firm ‘s co-founders he pushes forward debate on key industry issues like Solvency II and adviser awareness of how to avoid mis-selling."

Mark Locke, PR Manager - ex-AEGON UK - Feb 2010

"I have known Kevin for a long time. He has proven to be a trusted and loyal confidant, professional, diligent, unafraid of challenging the status quo and arguably the best media commentator in the protection industry today - helping raise the need for financial protection like no other."

Ian McKenna, Managing Director, FTRC - Jan 2010

"Having worked at both the coal face and senior management level within adviser and provider businesses, Kevin probably has an unequalled understanding of the practical, commercial operations and communications issues in the Protection market today. He thoroughly deserves his position as one of the key influencers in the UK financial services industry."

Tom Baigrie, LifeSearch - Feb 2010

"The 'Seven Families' campaign is the most impressively delivered, organised and sequenced protection press campaign one could imagine."

Alan Lakey, Highclere & CI Expert - Jan 2010

"Kevin has a number of virtually unique talents. The first is that, apart from one other, he is the only person I know in this industry who is liked by everybody. The second is that he has an intuitive grasp of issues and impacts which enables him to decode them quicker than anybody else."

50 most influential, Professional Adviser - Oct 2007

"No.24: Through his consultancy firm Carr provides public relations and marketing services to a wide range of businesses in the industry but he maintains the importance of advice."

25 most influential, Cover Magazine - Oct 2007

"No.2: Kevin has breathed new life into this industry and has raised the profile for protection in the pages of the personal finance press like no one has done before. He tackles every issue with the customer first and foremost in mind, which in itself is a rare treat in this industry. His knowledge of the market is exhaustive and he uses his considerable ‘clout’ to improve the way we all work. You may not agree with him all the time, but you cannot question his commitment and drive. A true consumer champion – doing more for the promotion of protection than most."

Headlinemoney Judges Comments - May 2007

"Kevin Carr has made protection insurance his own. When he first came on to the PR scene a few years back journalists were sometimes marginally overwhelmed by his boundless enthusiasm for all things critical. But Carr is no longer a PR puppy. A typical comment is: “Kevin is very pro-active, thinking several steps ahead of his competitors, and he has a really thorough grasp of his subject. He is more helpful, knowledgeable and quotable than anyone else in the protection field.” That is perhaps not surprising bearing in mind that PR is only part of Carr’s remit. He heads up LifeSearch’s technical department and also manages the company’s sales relationships with each product provider."